In all my years of teaching (which count 4 now, thank you very much! 🙂 ), I have done one thing consistently:  Poetry Friday.  However, this is the first year that I’ve really been organized about it.

Nearly every Friday, I introduce a new form of poetry to my students.  With any luck, I have a book that I can read with examples of the poem style.  The students and I are building Poetry Portfolios.  Some Fridays we devote to organizing our portfolios and finishing unfinished poems.  Their portfolios contain a table of contents where they add each form that we study then there is a page with information about each form and a sample of the form.  Following that page, they put their own poem from that form. So far, we have studied FIB, Group, Acrostic, and Shape poems.

I love teaching poetry because even reluctant poets or poor writers or struggling students can be successful at it.  A poem isn’t daunting.  It’s short and feels achievable.  Some of the poems that have been produced are breathtaking.

I’ll share more about this project as the year goes on.  So far though, it’s all good.

My passion
For words, images
I know they will express themselves.

© 2008 Liza Lee Miller