My students this year are fantastic.  There are those among them that I worry about but by and large they are an easy-to-teach bunch of kids.  There are some quirky ones that stand out . . . in a good way.

One of them is a huge fan of KISS.  Yup, the rock band with the face makeup and all.  He loves KISS.  Every free write he does is about KISS.  I have poems about KISS now and let me tell you, you haven’t really lived until you’ve read a haiku about KISS.

Yesterday, he came up to me at the end of the day, all 9 year old seriousness.  He had something shoved under his shirt and asked me to guess what he got for his birthday.  Well, I couldn’t guess and so he pulled them out . . . KISS deodorant and cologne.

Ahhhhhh, I thought.  That was that pleasant odor that would waft through the classroom periodically today.  He was over the moon about it.  Cute kid.  Wonder what he’ll be for Halloween!  I guess I can only hope that he’s not Gene Simmons and doesn’t stick his tongue out at me while he’s “in character.”