I finally got a sense of order in my classroom.  Everything is put away (if not in an organized manner).  The desks are arranged.  The new materials are stacked on the desks.  Name tags are ready to be labelled and taped down.  Goody bags are ready to be filled and labelled and placed.  Physically, we’re ready.

The work that still needs to be done is making decisions.  What am I going to teach and when?  What is my schedule going to be so that I can get organized and teach?  When do I want to do the multiple intelligences survey?  When do I want the kids to play team building games?  When will I give the math placement test?  When will I introduce Writer’s Workshop and independent reading requirements?

AHHHHHHHHH!  Well, today, I’m in meetings all day.  Tomorrow, we have meetings in the morning only.  Then we get to be back in the classroom and most of my questions SHOULD be answered and I can start making my plans.

Saturday, I’m getting myself ready . . . haircut, manicure and pedicure . . . and my family ready as well . . . groceries in the house and clean clothes in their drawers.  Sunday, I will spend a couple hours in my classroom and then we’re relaxing as a family.  Hanging out and chillin’ — for Monday, school starts!  Woo-hoo!