I had such a luxury this summer but like so many luxuries we are offered in life, I squandered it rather than savoring it. The luxury was the knowledge that I would be teaching in the same classroom I had the year before and that I could come in over the summer and get it organized.

My plan wasn’t overly ambitious — I’d come in one day a week for a few hours and get stuff done. I came in three times and spent no more than an hour each time. Dang. So, the organization didn’t happen the way I’d hoped it would. Still, I got a little bit more organized.

Add to that chaos with the knowledge that one of my colleagues has changed from upper grade to lower grades and never intends to go back. So, I drove to her house this summer and got ALL her upper grade materials. I am sharing the wealth with my upper grade colleagues but still I had a HUGE number of boxes to go through. HUGE. Right now, I have emptied most of them into piles on the floor of my classroom. It’s kind of at the worse before it gets better situation. I’ll have that taken care of before the end of the day, however. Lots of work but I’m excited about it.

There is lots to be excited about in this new school year. A great school, a great group of colleagues, a great group of kids . . . yippee!