The best benefit of reading the Two Writing Teachers blog is that they share their good ideas.  Recently, they shared the amazing deals available from VistaPrint.  VistaPrint is an online printing service.  They regularly court customers to try new products by offering them for free.  No, really!  You just pay shipping and you get free stuff.  Cool stuff like business cards, magnets, brochures, rubber stamps and more.

So, how does that help teachers?  What do we need with carside magnets?  Well, there are an amazing number of creative teachers willing to use free stuff in creative ways.  Check out this site for ideas [click].

Here’s what I did with my first free order from VistaPrint:

The window decal is to put on the small window on my door.  The Clean Desk Awards are just that — if I spot inspect desks and they are clean and tidy, they get the award and a small treat.  The Missing Work postcards will be given out once a month or so to help students stay on track.  The magnets will be given out at Back to School night to help parents keep my contact information handy.  And, the rubber stamps . . . they are part of a series I’m planning that will include late work, REDO, Show your work, 100% (You get a treat!), and more.  Anyway, the possibilities are endless.

Oh, and the shipping costs?  Well, it’s hardly cheap but considering all the products were free, $17 for 7 day shipping is pretty reasonable!