Open House is tomorrow night. The weather forecasters are predicting triple digits tomorrow. Seriously. 100 degrees.

Now, since I am teaching in a 2 year old building, you might think this isn’t a problem. Well, you’d be mistaken. It certainly is a problem. The State of California, in its infinite wisdom has decided that we do not need air conditioning in our area. And, it’s true that most of the school year, we do not. However at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year — particularly at the end of the year — heat waves are common. I have three fans in my classroom. They are just shoving hot air around. Tomorrow night, we will have Open House. 30 kids with their families in my classroom. It’s gonna be hot and sticky. Blech.

Add to this the stress of a major project being due today and the end of state testing and my students are indulging in behavior that a friend in Maryland described as “wolf children on crack” behavior and one will not wonder that I have had a migraine for two days now. It’s receding but could leap to the foreground at any moment.

Thankfully, I am going away this weekend and even taking a personal day. Something I clearly, desperately need.