lifesaver.pngWhat a week I’m having. No school Monday which was nice but throws me off my stride. Staff meeting today, followed by an afternoon with a sub in the room while I do grade-level meetings, and a New Teacher Project meeting after school. Tomorrow, I’m in all day Step Up To Writing training. Friday, I suppose I’ll just babble mindlessly and hope for the best.

This lesson is a lifesaver in so many ways.

I needed something meaningful to do with the students. We’re focused this week on descriptive writing and we’ll be doing said descriptive writing while I’m out of the room. Bummer too, since today and tomorrow are when I have small groups for writing — my most powerful writing lesson days. I knew I that I could tap into some great writing lessons though. The first one I found was the winner for me. Easy to set up (just stop at the store), easy for someone else to implement, and easy for the students to be successful with.

Winner! Winner!

I’ll post some follow up here about whether or not my big plans actually worked out for the best!

*Graphic from  WPClipart